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     Like the South, Fork has seen vast changes over the decades. The days of mules & wagons, plows, and lush fields of cotton have passed but haven't been forgotten. Townville is still an actively farmed and highly productive agriculture area of Upstate South Carolina. Today Fork Plantation, encompasses 400 acres of rolling fields, mixed hardwoods, clear cuts, and bottomlands managed exclusively to produce the finest wing shooting. We strive to offer a hunting experience of yesteryear that you only hear stories from the old timers.

Heyward Swift


Heyward Swift’s love of the land is hereditary. His family, the Dobbins, have been actively involved in agriculture in Anderson County since the 1790’s. They are one of the pioneering families of Anderson County. As a teenager, Heyward’s lust for all things outdoors and agriculture grew wildly. He cut his teeth wading through swamps, sky busting on dove fields, stump jumping his jon boat and chasing his labs all over the county. Working for his uncle on the farm instilled a love of the land, a healthy respect for Mother Nature and a sense of pride in stewardship. After college he started chasing ducks around the country, quail hunting with his brother, and learning the do’s and don’ts of planting dove fields. In his early 30’s, sitting in a freezing pit blind near Marvell, AR it became very apparent to Heyward that his calling was to be in the wildlife industry. That moment was the catalyst for what would become Fork Plantation. Heyward believed that he could provide a top notch outfit that specialized in a private and relaxed atmosphere for hunting doves, ducks, and quail. After many years of preparation that dream became a reality in 2015. 

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