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Fork Upland Hunts

  Quail hunting is as deep a southern tradition as sweet tea, cornbread & grits. It is revered as the finest of the winged shooting disciplines and the most famous. No other sport intermingles the art and beauty of this ballet done correctly. It all starts with the proper cover and habitat. Next, you add the art of watching a seasoned gun dog work. Then you hear the rush & explosion of a fleeing covey. Then…… well that's the Fork Plantation experience. 


  At Fork Plantation we strive to provide an old world Plantation style hunt from the turn of the century. Our typical hunt will have you walking cropland, mild brush, and thinned hardwoods in pursuit of elusive coveys. Our hunt will have your party, guide, and dog walking about a mile and countless acres for your bounty. 


October 1 to March 31

    Our Upland Options

1 / 2 Day Guided Hunts

( all hunts start around 9 a.m. or 1.30 p.m.)

40 Quail : (2 - 3 hunters) This is our most popular hunt that offers you a reasonable chance of harvesting 40 birds. The hunt lasts around 3 hours with a water & snack break. A good pair of comfortable boots and an orange hat is a requirement.  $600.00

  60 Quail : (4 hunter max) Looking for an action packed half day hunt? The "60" will have your barrel hot and feathers flying!  You will have a reasonable chance to harvest 60 quail. A good pair of comfortable boots & socks is a must as well as an orange hat for safety.  $900.00

Full Day Guided Hunts

( please allow at least 4 hours for the hunt)

"Covey Rise" : (4 hunters max) 100 bird Quail hunt. If big coveys of yesteryear is your goal, look no further than this option. Gentlemen, be ready for fast flying bobwhites screaming every which way! Spend your day honing your skills on this thrilling adventure.  $1400.00


The "Block Buster" :  (6 hunters max) This entertaining experience is like no other, 100 quail & 30 pheasants mixed into hours of action packed covey busting and rooster flushing. This hunt will leave your party sore, tired and completely satisfied. Bruised shoulders and heavy game bags is the measure of success on this epic quest!  $2500.00

Gun Rental & Shells : We offer 12 & 20 gauge - over & under's or semi-auto's $25.00 a day. Shells $15.00 per box

We only book one Hunting Group on the Plantation at a time. This allows our Clients the relaxed and private atmosphere they deserve. Custom packages can be tailored to our Clients needs. 

 *** Deposit of 50% is required at time of booking ***

Quail Hunt

Quail Hunt

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