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Hunting at Fork Plantation

Life moves a lil slower when Hunting at Fork Plantation! We strive to remove our Guest from the grind of everyday life and enjoy the bounty that Mother Nature graces us with at Fork. Whether we are shooting doves in late September heat, busting ice putting out decoys, or logging miles chasing coveys we do it with a proud sense of Southern Tradition & Class.      


Our philosophy on Hunting is simple. Less is better. We aim to leave as little a footprint on our habitat and cover as possible. This ensures our hunts will be Top Notch. Come experience the Fork Plantation difference!    


We take great pride in working our ground to provide the best habitat and cover we can. Although we can not control the rain, we damn sure try to control all other aspects of our means. Conservation through management is our main goal here at Fork Plantation. The more acres we can farm and manage, the greater success we have for our long term goals. 

We plant Sunflowers, Corn, Milo, Proso & Brown Top Millet for the sole use of our club fields!!  

We are changing South Carolina's waterfowl perception, one flock at a time


Enjoy our dogs as you walk your way through managed habitat and rolling crop land chasing coveys!! 

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